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31st August 2016 by CBT Azerbaijan

What is CBT?
CBT (community based tourism) is a growing trend throughout the world for travel that provides an authentic experience for tourists, while providing benefits for locals. The primary goals of CBT revolve around cultural exchange and community development, not profits.

More than just tourism
CBT Azerbaijan has aims that reach beyond simply getting money into the hands of Azerbaijan’s less fortunate. We seek to bring our members knowledge and skills as well. Our primary beneficiaries in this goal are our regional managers. These managers effectively own their own branch of the CBT Azerbaijan network and are given significant responsibility to maintain their own accounting, client relations, quality control, training, recruitment, and more. As our business develops we will be providing these managers with formal training in business management to further enhance their growing skill set.

CBT Azerbaijan will also raise the standard of living in its regions of operation by training its home stay families in fields such as: home improvement, smoke alarms / fire safety, domestic / animal abuse, health & nutrition, food safety, and personal financial management. After training these leaders in small communities, our hope is that this knowledge will be passed on to others in the same area.

Who gets what?
CBT Azerbaijan is designed around a management system that provides centralized advertising, organization and logistics help to locals so they in turn can focus on the most important part of our business, customer service. Our system has so little overhead that locals are able to keep 80% of all proceeds generated.

How did CBT Azerbaijan start?
CBT Azerbaijan was started in 2012 under the guidance of Peace Corps Volunteers who found initiative within some of the locals in the communities they served and believed a successful business could arise from it. Although Peace Corps Volunteers were serving as advisors during the infancy of CBT Azerbaijan, it was the goal that soon CBT Azerbaijan will be run solely by Azerbaijanis local to the communities in which they operate.
The Peace Corps stopped its Volunteer activities in Azerbaijan in December 2014. In 2015, when Peace Corps has already left Azerbaijan for some reasons, consequently, the central management of CBT Azerbaijan project was stopped as well.
On the 5th of August 2016, Murad Karamov, tourism entrepreneur since 2005 in Azerbaijan tourism industry, restarted CBT Azerbaijan trying to develop this business model and contribute to the local community as in above mentioned  goal of Peace Corps Volunteers about CBT Azerbaijan.

When does CBT Azerbaijan Operate?
CBT Azerbaijan is in full swing between the months of May and November. However, exceptions can be made if there is availability during the off season.