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31st August 2016 by CBT Azerbaijan

Lekit is a small village located in the Caucasus Mountains of Gakh. A 30-minute ride from Gakh city will land you in the quaint village embraced by mountains and looking out over the panoramic valley. There are roughly 1200 people that live in this ethnically Tsakkur village. Tsakkur people have their own unique culture, language, and national dance, which derive their roots from the diverse mix of Daghestani culture to the north. A mildly strenuous hike from Lekit will take you up to the ruins of an ancient Albanian temple then down to a crystal clear river at the base of a moss waterfall. A staple in the Lekit kitchen is ‘Surhullu’ – a delicious pasta dish topped with either freshly boiled meat or dried meat finished with garlic and a sour sauce. It is best enjoyed with fresh tandir bread and locally brewed spirits.